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Our First Date

A Story about how Joanna and I got together.

by Feed-Her-More

When Joanna and I first met several years ago, she was skinny. Actually, she was skinnier than skinny. She was nearly skin and bones.

At only 130 pounds, she was definitely NOT the kind of girl I'm into. Being an FA/feeder, I've always been attracted to fat girls.

Before Joanna and I met, I had actually dated dozens of big girls but only a few of them became feedees. But sadly, these relationships all crashed and burned.

Then along comes this twig with hair who asks me on a date. I politely told her I wasn't interested, I didn't tell her why. In my expierience, when you tell a woman you're not interested in dating her because she's not fat enough for tend to get some pretty dirty looks.

She asked why, I never give her a straight answer.

Over the next several weeks, she would keep coming up to me and asking me why I wouldn't go out with her. Joanna certainly was persistant, I'll give her that. She told me that she had had a crush on me for a few months and really wanted to go out. I could tell she was getting upset and possibly even broken hearted (curse those adorable puppy dog eyes of hers, lol). So finally, I said yes. She was ecstatic. Me, not so much. I mean, she seemed nice and all but I just wasn't into skinny girls.

Well, the following weekend we went out on our first date; dinner, a movie, then a walk on the beach.

For dinner, she recommended this nice Italian restaurant. I had been here a few times before. It's a great place to take your feedee because they are well known for their extremely large portions.

Joanna has called in advance and got us a table in the Couples Room. This room was tucked away from the rest of the dining area. It was a hallway which consisted of small, individual rooms. In each room was a little table and two chairs. It was very dark, lit by candlelight mostly. The ceiling has tiny, cascading LED lights against a black field to simulate a romantic night sky. Very nice indeed.

I oredered a plate of angel hair pasta in afredo sauce. Joanna ordered a large platter of overstuffed ravioli.

We ate and talked. Surprisingly, having alot in common and hitting it off right away. All was going swimmingly until the topic of why I was so "hard to get" came up. I decided it was best to be honest with her so I told her it was because she isn't the kind of girl I'm into physically.

The first thing out of her mouth was, "You like fat chicks. I know."

My jaw dropped. "Exscuse me?"

"I said, you like fat chicks. I know you do. I've seen you and some of your exes around."

I was a bit flabbergasted at her prior knowledge of me, but I confessed to her deduction.

"You're right. I love big girls. No offense to you, I mean, you're really nice and all, but you're just too skinny for me."

Our eyes meet, she gazes at me for a few seconds and then retorts, "Okay. Waiter." she calls the waiter over. Certain that I've gravely offended her, I'm assuming she's asking for the check so she can leave. The waiter comes to our table. "I'd like another order of ravioli please. And for dessert, bring me two slices of your chocolate pie."

I look perplexed as the waiter leaves.

"Uh...what just happened?"

"Well, obviously I've got to put on some weight if I want a second date."

Did I just hear her correctly? Am I hallucinating? I'm probably hallucinating. She slipped roofies into my drink, I know it!

This all goes through my head as I have difficulty making my mouth form cohesive words. Joanna giggles at me.

"Let me explain. I've seen you and some of your exes. I know you've dated some pretty big girls but I've also noticed that some of those girls gained a bit of weight because of you. Like that last girl you dated, she got BIG!"

She was referring to my last girlfriend, Brittany. When we started dating, she weighed 360 pounds. A year later, she was tipping the scales at nearly 515. We broke up because I found out she had been cheating on me and got pregnant by the other guy. That's always a relationship breaker.

I guess this girl really DOES know about me.

"Just tell me straight up," she says, "are you a feeder?"

I nod, "Yeah."

"Good. I'm your new feedee. Nice to meet you."

Is she being serious? This is crazy! I've NEVER had a woman just come right out and say that to me before. I've always had to convince a girl to gain weight and even that only worked on like 3 out of 15 girls.

Joanna smiles with that adorable little smile that I fell in love with that night. The food arrives and she makes haste of putting away the ravioli. When she's ready for dessert, though, she has something else in mind.

"Feed me." she says, leaning forward over the table and opening her mouth.

With such an open invitation, I begin feeding her the two pie slices until they're all gone.

After dinner, we decide to skip the movie and go straight for the  beach. Kicking off our shoes, we enjoy the night sky over the water. We end up staying out there for nearly 4 hours just talking. Getting to know all there is to know about each other.

I find out that she actually has a secret fetish for gaining weight. Having grown up in a strict, fit obsessed family, she never had the chance to pursue her dream. And when she found out I was single, she wanted to take a shot and see what happens.

Needless to say, we stayed together.

Nearly every date we went on involved lots of food. At first, she couldn't eat a whole lot before getting full. Hell, I ate more than she did.

But thankfully over time, after many gorgings and force feeding sessions (never against her will, always consentual), we stretched her stomach out. Soon, she was putting on weight rapidly, outgrowing her entire wardrobe. We had to buy her new clothes for the first time (but it certainly wasn't the last time). Each time the numbers on the scale increased, we were both always excited. It was a dream come true for us both from day one.

The rest, as they say, is history.
Some folks have been sending me notes through DA asking how my wife and I actually met.

So here it is.

It's very short, I know, and it doesn't really have much in the way of feeding and weight gain like my other stories do.

Just a short, simple story designed to tell how we met and what our first date was like.

Hope you like :)
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steve-aka Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
What a cute story! It's nice to hear that something like this can happen in true life. You've got a great woman there! She's definitely a keeper! Would love to hear your further adventures as your time allows. Thank you for posting such a refreshingly sweet and romantic piece, this really made my day just a bit better!
feed-her-more Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
My folloup story to this will probably describe what happened after I proposed, all leading up to our wedding. Joanna found our wedding video the other day. We watched it and started thinking back to the fond memories we have of that day, as well as the many preparations we made for it. She then suggested I pull out one of our old "Feeding Journals" and share that story.

For many years, we have kept, what we call, "Feeding Journals". These journals would describe everything fron her current weights, important conversations, what she ate and how much, what she was wearing at certain times, new gain goals we made, etc. It was certainly a turn on for us both to keep these and look back on them from time to time. These journals are also where many stories of our past are coming from and are what help me keep the important details as vivid as possible for your enjoyment.
steve-aka Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
Well, whatever story you decide to write for us, I'm sure it will be awesome! Those journals sound like great time capsules of you and your lady's journey through the poundage. I appreciate the glimpses into a lifestyle that to most people is only available via fantasy. I eagerly await anything you care to share!
luvpears Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
I loved it, all the more because it happened. Thanks
feed-her-more Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
You're welcome. If you liked that nonfiction story, check out Feeding Frenzy. It's another story about us. I have more coming too. thank you so much. :)
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