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The Lunch Date

So, Thursday started off like any regular day. My lovely 800+ pounds wife, Joanna, and I were enjoying a nice meal  at home.

By "meal at home", I mean (of course) one of our early morning feeding sessions. Joanna has just polished off a large chocolate sheetcake, four whole boxes of Little Debbie swiss cake rolls and two gallons of milk for breakfast. This was really just a snack.

As of today (8-29-09) we do not know her accurate weight. Back when she hit the 600 pound mark, she had exceeded the maximum weight of the scale we had. So we bought one that went up to 800 pounds. However, one morning (late March or early May), she waddled onto the scale and I read the screen -Max Weight Exceeded-

That was truly an exciting day. Over the past 6 (going on 7) months, we have not been able to find a new scale that goes above 800 pounds.

Let me correct myself, we have found such scales. They are capable of reaching a couple thousand pounds. But these also cost a couple thousand dollars. Needless to say, we are no where near able to afford one. So we are left guessing what her weight is.

During these past months, Joanna has gained weight, that much is visibly noticeable. But just how much she's gained remains a mystery. Truth be told, I kind like not knowing. It will make it all the more suprising and exciting when we do eventually get her on a scale and see what she weighs then. But for the time being, you will have to accept me describing her as 800+ pounds. But I'm sure none of you really mind that kind of description.

But I digress, back to the aforementioned feeding.

Joanna had just finished her delectable pile of sweets. This may sound like alot, but to a woman like her, this was a snack. She was actually trying NOT to fill up right now (it sounds strange but keep reading) in anticipation of the feast she was to enjoy shortly.

Our new friends, Brenda and June were coming over to our house today and we were all going out together for lunch. These two lesbian lovers have been mentioned in a previous story of mine "Suddenly Insatiable June". The story itself is fictitious (obviously) but it is based on two very real women.

Brenda is the skinnier of the two (she's also the feeder). She weighs 360. She has jet black hair with blue streaks and very pale skin. Today she is wearing blue lipstick.

Her body is very flabby and she dresses to show it off. Today, wearing a black, sleeveless tank top that just barely covers her 48DD tits. The shirt tail is tucked under her breasts so her large double-belly can be exhibited as it hangs over her denim short-shorts. She has taken a pair of jeans and cut them into 'daisy duke' type shorts. Her ass cheeks forcing their way out of the shorts as she walks is quite a nice sight to watch. Standing, her belly hands down to meet her mid thighs and there are some stretchmarks on her lovehandles which she shows off proudly.

She extends her flabby, wobbling arms to give me a hug as I greet her in the driveway. The fat from her upper arms drapes over her shoulders and her lower arm flab hangs over her wrists slightly. Wearing these 'daisy dukes', she is certaimly showing off her legs. Those round, luscious, jiggling piles of rolls and folds she calls thighs rub together as she walks and I love seeing her pudgy feet in those flip flops.

"Ryan! Good morning!"

"Morning Bren. You two ready?"

I hear June's voice calling out in response from the back of their van. "You bet I am!" she says excitedly. "How about Joanna?"

"Oh yeah. She just got done with a snack."

Brenda leads me to the side door of the van.

"Help me get June, please."

Opening the door, I see the lovely lady June in all her 780 beauty. Her ruby red hair catching the sunlight. She sits comfortably in her power chair (esentially an electric scooter that has been custom made to accomodate her girth. It's very similar to the one Joanna uses). Her almost perfectly round face holds a big smile which presses dimples into her chubby cheeks, her hanging chin rolls resting atop her chest. I wear a size 38 belt and I can't get it wrapped around one of her upper arms because they are so big. She has her massive 58FF mammories resting in a red, v-neck tank top. She only wears a bra on a few occassions and today is NOT one of those days. Her shirt is so tightly holding in her boobs, her nipple rings can clearly be seen through the stretched fabric.

Her rounded belly jets out a few feet in front of her and hangs between her legs. From the widest points of her saddlebag hips, she can easily take up three seats. The seat of her scooter is extra wide to carry it. Sitting back, her back fat rolls drape over the backrest of the seat. Underneath the massive rolls of her legs and belly, her shorts can barely be seen as she sits, but she is wearing a pair of stretchy, cotton grey shorts.

And these legs, being pushed apart by her fat thighs, have to be spread apart further to make room for her belly as she sits. June is wearing red Crocs today.

As she rolls her scooter to the motorized wheelchair lift, I can't help but watch her entire body jiggling with each jossle of the lift. Now safely on the ground, I bend down and give her a hug around her neck (or at least the area where her neck should be). She doesn't hesitate to wrap her arms around me and press me against her mounds of flesh.

We head inside and they follow me to the living room. This is their first time at our house and they are quite impressed with what we have done.

I'll give you a description of my feedee wife's dream house .Our house used to be just a regular house. It was never moved into because it's so far out in the sticks. Our nearest neighbor is nearly a mile down the road, so we have the ultimate in privacy.

With no one buying the house, it was purchased by a casket store. I don't know if "store" is the proper term, but you catch my drift. And to better function all the large, heavy caskets and machinery around, the house had been drastically modified.

All the floors were steel reinforced. The front door, back door, master bedroom door, and both spare bedroom doors had been widened to a little over two times their width.

When they went out of business, the house was once again on the market at a greatly reduced price. With the modifications that had been made previously, it was a perfect fit for us.

The house itself was a steal. But the remodeling I had to do is what really cost me.

Before moving in, I had to get some more special acoutrements built in. The process took several months but it was all well worth it.

I had the bathroom entirely gutted and rebuilt from the ground up. The door was widened to the width of the other doorways. I had a special tub installed. It's almost twice the size of a standard jacuzzi. Instead of having to climb in, it has a very wide, water tight, door that Joanna can easily step right through and take a seat on the reinforced bench that encircles the entire inside of the tub. It also has a shower head so she can take a shower while still seated. And per my wife's request, I had a wall sized mirror installed in the bathroom as well as the master bedroom so she can look at her whole body easily.

The toilet is another special fixture. Due to Joanna's advanced size (and growing more and more over time) going to the bathroom can get very difficult as your standard toilet seat is extremely tiny. So, I had a toilet made (quite literally) from the ground up. It's not made of your standard porcelain, this one is made out of heavyweight steel and is the width of a three-seater bench. I also have several interchangeable seat rings of varying sizes. This way, even back when the toilet was wider than she was, she could still comfortably take a seat. I change the seat rings to wider and wider ones as she gains.

We have also gone so far as to install handlebars along all the walls of the house. In the bathroom, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and hallways. This way, Joanna doesn't have to worry about losing her balance and falling on the rare occassions she's having to get up and walk around alone.

In our living room, we have two couches and a loveseat, all of which are steel reinforced. The dining room consists of a round table. But instead of four little chairs around it, we have 4 benches with no armrests or backs for the ultimate in comfort.

We had the kitchen extended. What was once a somewhat regular sized kitchen now has it's own room sized accents. Tearing down the wall separating the kitchen from the walk-in hallway closet, we converted the closet into a walk-in fridge/freezer. Tearing down another wall which separated the kitchen from a third spare bedroom, we turned that spare bedroom into a large pantry. The walls lined with shelves and racks.

In the master bedroom, we decided it best not to have a traditional bed. Because in the apartment we were previosuly living in, we had a standard queen sized bed on a bed frame and all that, but it was getting harder and harder for Joanna to climb up on and off the bed because it was so high. Also, she took up most of the queen sized bed, forcing me to sleep on a separate twin bed.

So, here, we opted for something special. Half of the room is nothing but a bed. We took 12 king sized mattresses and made 4 stacks that are each 3 mattresses high. Two stacks are side by side right against the back wall. The other two stacks were placed end to end with the first two. So what we have is seemingly one large bed that is the width of two king mattresses side-by-side and the length of two king mattresses layed end to end.

To cover this, I had to take several large bed sheets with the same design and sew them together.

It's times like this, I'm glad my grandmother taught me how to use a needle and thread when I was a kid.

This large of a bed gives Joanna plenty of room to sit, lay, roll around, get comfy in any position, and allows me plenty of room to lay with her.

The other two spare bedrooms are our specialty rooms. One is basically a storage room, where we keep all our crap we couldn't find a place for. A catch all room basically.

The second spare bedroom is our computer room and my office. I work for a computer programs and software company. My bosses know that I have a "morbidly obese" wife who needs constant care. Plus, with my job mainly consisting of doing stuff online, it was failry easy to talk them into letting me work from home so I could take care of my wife and still work. I have my desk and home computer set up in there.

As Brenda, June and myself enter the living room, we are greeted by Joanna who is sitting naked on the couch.

Joanna is definitely a huge woman. At 800+ pounds, she is a whole lot of woman for me!

Her wide ass and hips fill up most of the couch. She is leaning back, legs spread, tummy hanging low between them, teetering just inches above the floor. Her incredibly huge tits hang to either side of her belly and hang over the end of the couch as well. A large, bouncing slab of chin flab and round chubby cheeks give her face a very distinct, and alluringly gorgeous shape. Her black hair up in a ponytail, she smiles.

She lifts her arms and shares a fat hug with Brenda.

"Joanna, you're looking great!"

"Thanks. Love your outfit."

"Just a little something I threw together."

"Guess I gotta get dressed now. Help me up."

Brenda and I each take a hand and pull Joanna into an upright seated position. She sits this way for only a moment. When her weight and adipose shift forward, her tummy and boobs pull her forward too. Bracing her hands on the mounds of folds that were once her knees, she leans forward until she is in a position where she can keep herself up.

Now leaning far forward, she looks down at her body, then back up and me, shooting me a big, seductive grin. Leaning forward like this, her belly not only rests on the floor, it spreads out in front of her. Even with her feet as far apart as she can get them, her belly manages to spread out enough to meet both of them. Her tits are under her mountainous arms. To be cozy, she lifts her arms and lets gravity take over. Her breasts literally roll forward and fall to the floor with a loud SMACK! Their weight now fully in front of her, she is forced to lean forward even further. Now her boobs are on the floor and, just like her tummy, are also spreading out before her.

Brenda and June's jaws both drop at the sight.

"Oh my God Joanna! I'm jealous!" exclaims a flabbergasted June.

Joanna blushes then smiles proudly, "Don't worry your skinny little behind about being jealous. Hopefully Brenda here will stop starving you and put some meat on those bones. Then you'll have a body like mine."

We all share a good laugh. With a little help, Joanna gets to her feet and begins waddling behind me down the hallway. Waddling has gotten a little difficult in itself because of how far down her tummy hangs over her legs. June has been experiencing the same issue with hers. But today, we have a surprise for June.

I took some large sheets of leather and made a "Tummy Sash" out of them.

This sash goes under her belly and stretches over her shoulders. This allows her tummy to be lifted to a higher position and still keep her center of gravity for balance. Greatly alleviating the troubles these lovely ladies experience while walking.

I help my wife into her sash and then help her get dressed. She was originally going to wear just a mu-mu. But after seeing what the other girls are wearing, she decides to show off too.

She sits on the bed and I hep her get dressed into a pair of pink, stretchy cotton shorts and a light blue tube top. And much like prince charming and Cinderella, I slip her flip flops onto her fat feet.

We walk back up front together (the walk now being much easier for her) and she shows off for our guests.

Brenda and I then help June into a sah that I made her. We strip her naked, get the sash in place and dress her again. Now, her and Joanna both can walk around with ease.

The four of us walk out to my van. We bring the scooters with us, just in case, but they're both wanting to walk around on their own for a while.

Now loaded, the two largest ladies sit in the back of the van, Brenda in the front passenger seat and I'm driving.

I turn and gaze back at the two big beauties in the back and ask, "Who's hungry?"

They both start clapping and shouting, "We are! We are!"

With some hungrily growling stomachs, we back out of the driveway and embark to our destination.

Driving into town, we go to a Golden Corral buffet. Joanna and I used to go here alot when she was smaller.

We two couples walk in, hand-in-hand with our significant feedees, and find a table.

Our hostess finds us a table at the empty end of the dining area. Brenda and I pull up a few chairs for our lovers and help them get seated. Both girls are taking up three chairs each, they have their tummys hanging below the table. They are leaning with their elbows on the table, they both have a time getting their breasts off of the table to make room for their plates. They are sitting at opposite ends, facing each other while Brenda and I start making the plates. We bring two plates to each woman and they start eating while we go and get more.

After a few back and forth trips, we have filled the table with about two dozen plates (a dozen for each girl) and each plate is overflowing with food. As they are eating, we take their empty plates and stack them at our end of the table so they won't get in their way.

With these two dozen plates gone in practically no time, we retrieve more. Each time, filling the table with overflowing plates and watching in an erotic enjoyment as our wives gorge themselves.

They both keep a very fast pace. We barely have a chance to sit down. Just as soon as we cover the table with full plates, they are cleaning them off and making us go back to get more.

This pattern continues for a good two hours, with Joanna and June both having devoured stacks upon stacks of dozens and dozens of plates. We were unable to keep count as bus boys were constantly taking the empties from our table.

Finally, after their 2 hour, non-stop binge, both girls stop. They each lean back in their seats and rub their bloated bellys. Letting out a few loud burps as they stretch and relax.

"You two full?" I ask.

"No." they both reply almost in unison.

"Dessert?" I inquire, knowing the answer. They both smile and nod.

So, we bring back plates and bowls of cake, pie, ice cream, brownies, and nearly everything else they have at the dessert counter.

They easily polish off close to another dozen dishes each. By the time they get done, they had nearly cleaned off the entire dessert table.

Between them both, they had eaten two whole strawberry pies, three blueberry pies, two chocolate cheesecakes, about a hundred brownies, and four red velvet sheetcakes.

Brenda and I so much enjoyed watching them revel in their own gluttony.

Finally time to head back home, we load our bloated babes into the van. They end up falling asleep on the drive.

Later on, at our home...

Joanna and June are sleepy. With their tummy's bloated and distended from their feast, we help them strip naked and take off their sashes. Within a few minutes, both girls have fallen asleep on the couches (Joanna on one, June on the other). I give Brenda a private tour of the house. She comments on how amazed she is by it.

"This place is like a feedee's paradise. No wonder you got Joanna so fat. How much did all this cost?"

"Eh...ALOT. It took all of our life savings and I have to call in a few favors for the rest. I'll put it that way."

I show her the bathroom, master bedroom, and the kitchen with it's walk-in areas.

"Damn! I wish I could give June a place like this."

"Where are you two living?"

"A trailer park across town. Been there for a few years. But June's gotten so big, she can only get into the living room and kitchen. She's too fat to fit in the hallway, so there's no way she can get to the bathroom or bedroom."

"What are you doing than?"

"We made a bed for her in the living room. She's comfy and happy. But I wish we had a big enough place for her to actually move around in, you know."

This is when my mind starts conjuring up some ideas.

Because it's getting so late and June is feeling rather lethargic after such an intense meal, Joanna and I invite her and Brenda to spend the night at our home. They gladly accept.

Not only does this allow us all a chance to hang around and enjoy each other's company for the night, but it's only a matter of time before Joanna and June get hungry again.

After a nearly three hour nap, our wives awake. And their appetites are back with a vengeance.

Myself and Brenda make sure to take control during the feeding. We don't want them getting too much movement and exercise now do we?

The whole night is spent feeding them a nearly enless supply of sweets and pastries.

You see, I primarily keep Joanna on a very very strict diet consisting of mainly pastries. Being as they are so soft, it's much easier for her to glut herself. Plus, they are extremely fattening which is also very important. So, needless to say, my walk in pantry and fridge/freezer are nearly stocked to the brim with a large assortment of pastries and other sweets. Doughnuts, cakes, pies, cookies and many many others. You name the pastry, chances are I have a large quantity of it here.

During the rest of the night, a pattern formed. Joanna and June would sleep for about an hour, wake up and ask to be fed. They would get good and stuffed during the next hour, then go back to sleep for an hour and repeat the process.

Brenda and I spent each of the waking hours stuffing them silly. Making sure to get them past the point of full each time. As they sat on the couches, they were being waited on hand and foot by us, and we were enjoying every second of it. The two of us wound up not getting much sleep at all, but it was all worth it.

The next day, everyone pretty much sleeps in until close to noon.

June is enjoying a relaxing bath. I came in to check on her.

"How you doing?"

"Great! You have no idea how long it's been since I last got to take an actual bath."

It has always amazed me how the fat on a woman's body gets pulled downwards by the ever present foe that is gravity; but when in water, the fat floats freely.

I get lost as I stare at June's rotund belly and breasts float in the water. She has the water jets on as well. These are great at massaging everywhere, even inbetween all the rolls and folds. A great way to help a big girl digest her big meal in amazing comfort. It's definitely Joanna's favorite way to digest all of her gargantuan meals.

"Need me to get you anything?"

"Actually, I'm getting kinda hungry again. Got any cookies?"

I grin mischeviously, "Chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, brown sugar, kitchen sink, almond, pistaccio, raisin." the list of cookies I have goes on and on.

" any chocolate chip cookie dough?"

"Sure. How much you want?"

"How much you got?"

"I got about thirty rolls in the fridge."

She blushes, "Wow! Um, would it be okay if I had four? And could you go ahead and unwrap them for me and put them on a plate or something?"

"Coming right up."

I return a few minutes later, carrying a tray with eight unwrapped rolls of cookie dough. As I had her the plate, she gives me a curious look.

"Eight? But I asked for four."

"I know."

With a shrug and a smile, she starts eating her treats without a second thought.

Brenda is laying on our bed, passed out. I decide to let her get some sleep. As for Joanna, I can't seem to find her. The first thought that goes through my head at a time like this is 'How do I lose a woman her size?'

This is when I notice something else is missing. One of the four benches from the dining room is gone. Almost instinctively, I know where to look and, sure enough, I find her.

My wife has taken a seat in the pantry and is currently binging on a shelf of pastries.

The floor behind her has a pile of empty wrappers, boxes, bags and other assorted packages. I can't help but admire her as she eats. My eyes begin with her face. Crumbs and other evidence of her eating all over her lips, chin and cheeks. Her huge flabby arms are moving at a surprisingly quick pace as she shoves handful after deliciously fattening handful of pastry into her mouth. Joanna is barely taking the time to chew. She just crams the food in her mouth, chews it just enough to swallow and then crams in more.

My eyes follow her body down to her immense tits and belly. She is leaning very far forward causing them to spread out on the floor. I gaze in awe at this sight. Her ass taking up the entire width of the bench and hanging off the back of it nearly four feet behind her. Sitting on this low bench, it's clear to see that a few more pounds and her ass will be touching the floor.

I love her legs and feet as well. They have gotten so fat that they no longer have the normal human leg-shape. Those thighs drape over the edges of the bench, there are large folds on top of her knees. Her calf fat actually overlaps her feet. Her ankles and heels are almost no longer visible under the rolls. All I can see of her feet is some of the top (which has ground much rounder) and her chubby little toes which wiggle with delight while she eats.

If she somehow manages to gain another hundred pounds, in my opinion, her calf fat may even touch the floor too.

I step up behind her and begin caressing my hands on her back, sliding them under her fat rolls and jiggling them as I do. I hear her giggle through a mouthful of pie.

I eventually make my way to her front where I do my best to lift some of her incredible belly so I can search for her pussy. Feeling around, I eventaully feel it. To my surprise and ecstacy, it has grown so fat that it too is resting on the floor, pressed firmly against her soft underbelly.

My fingertips glide past her lips and I feel how dripping, soaking wet she is.

She swallows her mouthful and reports, "I've cum three times before you walked in."

'Holy shit! ' is the only phrase popping in my head right now. Just by sitting here and gorging herself, she has made herself cum three times. She has always told me over the years that just eating can make her orgasm. I always believed her and have seen it with my own eyes thousands of times. But it still always manages to excite me every time.

"Help me up." she asks, holding up her arms. With a little bit of a struggle, I get her to her feet.

Standing, Joanna spreads her legs as wide as she can without falling, props herself up on the shelf with her elbows and continues eating.

I ask what she's doing. Glancing over her shoulder, she bounces her butt, making it wobble sexually, then she winks.

I use both arms to lift her fat ass and separate her cheeks so I can reach her warm, wet pussy.

Already having a throbbing, rock hard erection, I quickly slide it in and begin fucking her.

She moans with pleasure. These moans are muffled through the cakes that is currently stuffed in her mouth.

I thrust. Slowly at first, then picking up speed. Each time I thurst forward, towards her, my body smacks against her mounds of flesh and I get more and more turned on by the visual and physical sensation of her soft adipose bouncing and jiggling against me.

Each ass cheek is probably bigger than a beach ball (I'm making a rough comparison in my head, of course). I take my right hand and spank her, then I watch as ripples flow from the point of contact.

Then, I extend both arms forward, grabbing as much of her hips as I can and pull myself deeper into her. She lets out a scream before shoving another handful of cake into her agape maw.

After swallowing it, she turns her head to me and asks, "How fat do you want me?"

I answer, "Really fat!"

"Feed me!" she shouts.

While still fucking her, I reach forward and grab a handful of the cake. With her head still turned towards me, she opens her mouth and I shovel several handfuls, one after another, into her mouth. As I do, I feel her cum all over me.

That warm goo, soaking her vagina lips and ass cheeks, soaking all over me, feels so good. I take another rather large chunk of cake, cram it into her mouth. As she eats it, I cum too.

"Baby, I gotta sit down."

I remove myself from her and help her gently sit back down on the bench. She leans back slightly, bracing her hands on her saddlebag hip rolls. Joanna looks to see most of my body glistening from the mix of both our cum.

With a speed I've rarely seen her move at, she throws her arms around my waist and starts giving me head.

As she sucks my still hard member, I reach down and pull up her tits. Having to wrap a whole arm around each one just to keep them up, I bring her dinner-plate sized nipples to my face and begin sucking, licking and nibbling on them.

My wife has always given the best head. After just a few short minutes, she makes me cum again. I look down to see it has filled up her cheeks and it running out of her lips. Not wanting to waste a single drop, she quickly swallows the entire load. Taking my dick out of her mouth, she shoots those adorable baby blues up to me and smiles while licking her lips.

"Feel good baby?"

I nod with a huge, ear-to-ear smile. "Felt great. Thank you."

"Thank you. I'm thirsty now."

I exit and return a moment later carrying a funnel and two gallons of milk. Knowing the routine by habit, but still happy to do it, she tilts her head back and holds the funnel in her mouth. Giving me a thumbs up that she's ready, I pour the first gallon. Joanna chugs it all down rather quickly, and then the second one just as fast.

Handing me the funnel, she lets out a couple of loud belches.

Later, Joanna is relaxing on the couch. Completely sprawled out to ease the pain in her stomach. Turns out she overdid herself on the gorging just now. So, to help with the pain, I take a bottle of coco butter and start rubbing and massaging her overstuffed belly. I've always loved doing this. Kneading her flab in my hands, feels almost like bread dough.

I assume the massage felt good because she fell asleep before I finished.

Covering her with a blanket, I go into the bahtroom to check on June. As I walk in, she is stepping out of the tub.

"Ryan, glad you're here. I need your help drying off."

"No prob."

Towel in hand, I get her good and dry. Taking special care to try and get under all her rolls as well.

"Thanks. I hate to be a pest, but would Joanna mind if I borrowed some clothes?"

"Not at all. What would you like?"

"I don't know. Something loose and open."

"I got just the thing."

She waddles into the bedroom with me where we see Brenda still asleep on the bed.

June looks through the closet and finds a red mu-mu. Sleeveless with a long v-neck.

She lays down on the bed with her wife and goes to sleep while I go up front to join my sleeping beauty. I want to take a nap myself, but first I have to clean up my wife's little mess in the pantry.

Later that afternoon, our friends head back home. Joanna and I talk about some ideas we have to help them out. Apparantely June had told Joanna the same thing Brenda had told me the previous night about their tiny little trailer home.

After giving it some thought, we have decided to extend an invite to let Brenda and June move in with us. Our house is more than equipped to help take better care of the every expanding June.

All I have to do now is empty out the storage room.

Joanna just got off the phone with June a few minutes ago and they are thirlled and so thankful for our generosity.

We've been in a similar situation. The apartment we lived in prior to this house was getting too small for Joanna to get around in. Hell, when we moved out, they actually had to tear down a wall just so she could walk out. But that tale will be told another day, my friends.

As for now, well, I've got to get started preparing a place for our new housemates. But first, Joanna is ready for her lunch.
A new non-fiction story about my wife Joanna and out friends Brenda and June. Hope you like ^_^
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Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Weighing her is easier than you might think. Go to a truck stop with a modern digital scale. They are far more accurate than the older ones. It won't be good to the exact pound, but its fine for general purposes, and, of course, it's not free.
Fattylover101 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
Jesus man I'm jealous hahaha lucky sumbitch I kid I kid that was fantastic thanks for sharing
steve-aka Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
Wow, what an excellent writer you are! The sheer amount of details you divulge here are astounding! And please thank your lovely wife and friends for allowing you to give us a glimpse into what, for most of us feedism fans, is only a dream. You, sir, are living that dream and thanks for sharing it!
feed-her-more Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
Wow! Thanks so much!
Details are way easier to write when you can see the real women you're describing ;)
I know what you mean. Hell, it took me over twenty years to get my life to where it is now. I don't know whether to say I've been lucky or blessed. Perhaps a little of both.
In either case, I am thirlled that you have enjoyed our stories.
steve-aka Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009
I'm not sure luck or blessedness has had anything to do with it. More like perseverance and hard work. Plus, knowing exactly what you wanted and having the temerity to go after it with all your heart. You've only yourself to thank for your place in life, well, and your wonderful wife too!

I thank you for sharing these marvelous anecdotes with us! Truly appreciated!
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